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Refined 10

Refined 10

Overview Product DescriptionRefining slag refers to the technology used after mixing raw materials in a certain proporti;
Basic Info.
Model NO. Slag
Specification Customed-made
Trademark Boqiu
Origin Henan China
HS Code 26219000
Production Capacity 3000 Mt/Month
Product Description
Product DescriptionRefining slag refers to the technology used after mixing raw materials in a certain proportion and particle size, heating them below the melting point of the raw materials, sintering the raw materials together, and then crushing them into particle sizes. The main components are CaO-CaF2 base, CaO-Al2O3 base, and CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 base. The form of refining slag mainly includes sintered type, pre-melted type and mixed type.Pre-melted refining slag refers to the refining slag used for steelmaking after mixing the raw materials in a certain proportion, using high temperature in a special equipment to melt the raw materials into a liquid state at a temperature higher than the melting point of the slag system, and then cooling and crushing. The pre-melted refining slag has high purity, uniform chemical composition, stable phase, low melting point and fast slag formation speed, which can greatly shorten the refining time and can be directly used for slag washing in the converter ladle tapping process to improve the cleanliness of molten steel . And it does not contain fluorine or a small amount of fluorine, which reduces the corrosion of the furnace lining and effectively reduces the pollution of fluorine to the environment. Due to the compact structure of the pre-melted refining slag, it does not absorb water, is convenient for storage, transportation and storage, does not pulverize, and is not volatile, which can significantly reduce dust pollution in steel plants, but the production cost is high.Product Parameters
50±531±5 ≤7≤5 7±4
50±330-40 ≤7≤1.5 ≤7
≥45≥40 ≤4≤1.54-6≤4
45-5535-45 ≤6≤1.5 ≤5
45-5035-40 ≤7≤1.5 ≤5
45-5339-44 ≤5 ≤5
45-5041-46 ≤5≤1.5 ≤5
≥48≥38 ≤3≤1.5 ≤3
48-5828±3≤0.3≤6(TIO2<0.5) ≤0.3
48-5242-45 ≤4.5(TIO2<1)

Our Electric fusion Premelted LF refining slag Features:1. Low melting point and fast melting speed, shorten refining time and reduce refining power consumption;2. Good fluidity, good desulfurization and removal of inclusions;3. There is no flame, little dust, and good safety;4. No water absorption, no dust, no deterioration during storage and transportation;5. The submerged arc has a good effect, which reduces the erosion of the lining caused by the arc and improves the life span.
Packaging & Shipping

Packing: It is packaged in Jumbo bag (1000Kg), and other forms of packaging can also be used according to customer requirements.

Company Profile

Bontrue New Materials Co., Ltd. is China's leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with the quick quotes, superior quality refractory products, competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries of refractory engineering solutions. Founded in Zhengzhou in east-central China, with over years of expertise in refractory engineering, the company is committed to research & development, and providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective refractory products and engineering solutions.At present, its main products are tabular alumina, blast furnace slag, refining slag, taphole clay, well block, tapping hole block and nozzle brick.
As a ISO9001:2015 certified supplier, possessing sophisticated production lines and inspection equipments, providing diverse lines of variety refractory products backed by expert R&D technical support, we develop closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain.
Exporting first-class refractory products to the world as a mission, as a pilot enterprise of One Belt and One Road initiative pilot enterprise, Bontrue grasps the opportunity to vigorously develop overseas markets. Our products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Middle Eastern countries, which enjoys good reputation.

Our Advantages

Technical Advantages

  • Devoted to refractory materials R&D and manufacture;
  • Powerful R&D technical strength;
  • Over years of refractory engineering expertise;
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified;
  • Owns proprietary intellectual property rights;
  • Possessing sophisticated manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment;
  • Possessing advanced technics and production process;

Geographical Advantages

  • Located in east-central China with highly developed transportation facilities;
  • Located in one of most populas areas in the world;
  • It's easy to reach any big cities in the country within just 2-3 hours by high-speed rail;
  • Close to one of the country's largest international airports with well developed logistic facilities;
  • Securing the most economical ocean & railroad freight rates for our customers
Enterprise advantages
  • China's leading supplier in refractory engineering with top reputation and larger market share
  • Providing its customers with the quickest quotes, best quality products, competitive prices and fastest possible deliveries
  • Providing reliable sales and service
  • Production operation and process is certified under ISO9001 quality system
  • Having a vast inventory
  • Cooperation with hundreds of professional agents to develop win-win partner relationship worldwide
After Sales Service

1. 7*24 hours on-line service.
2. Continuously monitor customers' usage.
3. Engineers on site for after-sale retun visit and providing techinical support.
4. Stong production capacity and plenty of inventory to ensure further orders.

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